Katy. 21. Texas. Texas A&M Aggie. Member of the Corps of Cadets/Fightin' Texas Aggie Band. Army Reserves, 27D Paralegal Specialist.

What an interesting weekend


-got mind fucked, because apparently that’s how A-Co does Corps Brass

-had time for a nap, fuck yes

-minimal PT instead of a smoking (which we all thought was a joke, Tuesday is gonna suck)

-Bonfire Stack with upperclassmen, where we could be normal and say whatever and do whatever, despite how dirty you got and how sore it makes you


-fucking Ramp Romp, a 5K run on all the ramps of Kyle Field (it sucked, but was pretty short)

-BQ BBQ, which was eh

-Birthday dinner with dad, Shelley, Megan, Maggie, and my buddies Pamela, Eric, and Daniel

-it was fantastic Italian food, I got some motherfucking cowboy boots, and a new printer, and the new Florence + the Machine CD

-oh, and tiramisu

-I fucking LOVE tiramisu

-I should probably stop typing now, because I’m tired as fuck, and dorm 11 battery fish are fucking pansiessss

Haha, g’night :)

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